What’s Always on My Mind: Leave the world I encounter better than I found it. 

Fun Fact: I collect rainwater.

Mantra: Live in a good place. Keep your mind deep. Treat others well. Stand by your word.  Make fair rules. Do the right thing. Work when it’s time.

People don’t know that…I have a have a fairly extensive Bonsai garden and carnivorous plant collection.
Associate Principal
Ted is the leader of Guttmann & Blaevoet’s building performance modeling group. He has 10 years of experience with extensive knowledge of various energy analysis software packages predicting energy use and developing energy conservation strategies.  A specialist in his field, Ted has provided energy analysis for a wide range of occupancies such as office, retail, industrial, hospital, laboratory, and industrial facilities. Ted and his team are equipped with state-of-the-art energy modeling tools, including Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES), to provide detailed life cycle cost analysis for both economic and environmental impacts. Ted has modeled over 2000 projects over the last eight years, ranging from single family housing to 2 million square foot commercial buildings.
To Reach Me
707.523.3210 ext. 302
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