What’s Always on My Mind: How to improve the process; was there a better way to do what I just completed; Why do people do what they do the way that they do it.

Fun Fact: After working out for 25 years, I have an amazing six pack covered with a thin layer of chocolate and ice cream. God only created a few beautiful heads, the rest of them he covered in hair. Football is a round ball and played with your feet, if you want to carry an inflated elliptical object, take off the padding and play rugby.

Mantra: If it’s worth doing, do it right. Do something good for the community. Accept your mistakes and learn from them. Design projects you are proud of and want to show everyone and say “That is my project.”

People don’t know that…I hated school and left at the age of sixteen, went back to school four years later when it was what I wanted to do.
Gurdaver Singh PE, LEED AP
Gurdaver brings over 25 years of experience as principal engineer in mechanical and electrical design for building services in healthcare, higher education, defense, and civic/public projects.  He is passionate about using effective project management skills to deliver projects on time and within budget.  A strong proponent of sustainable design, he has an effective track record of delivering in low to net-zero energy buildings.  Educated and professionally trained in the United Kingdom, he is very familiar with both LEED and BREEAM (UK) criteria.
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