VA Palo Alto Polytrauma Rehabilitative Center // Palo Alto, California

This multi-phase project consists on major site utility improvements, the Polytrauma and Western Blind Rehab Center, a 4-level parking garage, new campus emergency generator and chiller plants, an Ambulatory Care Center, a Recreation Center, as well as new research lab buildings.  The complex phasing of the work will keep the entire campus in continuous operation, using phased demolition of buildings and systems as well as temporary systems in order to achieve this goal.

The new Rehabilitation Center will consolidate outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation programs on the Palo Alto Division campus, including Polytrauma, Blind Rehabilitation, Physical Medicine Rehab (PM&R), and Physical & Occupational Therapy.  Project consists of Polytrauma Rehabilitative Center, which includes a Polytrauma Center and Center for the Blind Rehabilitation, Parking Garage for 600 cars, and a new Generator Building to replace existing generator facility.

Owner: Department of Veteran Affairs

Phase I:
The Polytrauma and Western Blind Rehab Center, 178,000 SF; Parking Garage, 195,000 SF; Temporary Blind Center (at Menlo Park Campus), 41,500 SF; Emergency Generator Building, 4,400 SF;
Cost: $140 Million
Completion: Estimated 2014

Phase II:
Scope: Ambulatory Care Center, 375,000 SF; Recreation Center, Vivarium and Laboratory Buildings
Budget: Estimated $460 Million

Project Services
Project Expertise
  • Integrated Engineering
  • Building Performance Modeling
  • Green Buildings