Sonoma Clean Power Headquarters Building // Santa Rosa, California

A pilot project for the Grid Optimal Initiative by New Buildings Institute and USGBC, it converted a 1979 structure to a 14,400sf, 2-story facility that will showcase zero carbon design, technologies, and operation - a learning laboratory for load balancing for a low carbon future electric grid. All systems are created to balance the carbon intensity of energy between building systems, on-site generation, electric vehicle charging stations, stationary storage, and available carbon-free electrons from the grid to service the energy needs. The building will also be able to island from the grid in emergency or power shut off conditions to provide temporary power to maintain operations.

Owner: Sonoma Clean Power
Scope: 14,400 SF
Cost: $7 million
Completion: 2021
Project Services
Project Expertise
  • Integrated Engineering
  • Building Performance Modeling