Building Performance Modeling
Explore possibilities, understand the implications of your design choices, communicate and demonstrate the value of your ideas.
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The goal of our Building Performance Modeling team is to optimize building design. Energy, daylight, comfort, carbon, and financial performance can be optimized through analysis,  and integrated into the design based on the priorities of our clients.  This process is most effective if executed early in the design phase. Our team utilizes state-of-the-art modeling tools, and provides detailed cost analysis for both economic and environmental impacts.
Building Performance Modeling Capabilities

Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Carbon Footprint / Carbon Credits
LEED / ASHRAE Standards
Thermal Comfort
Facade Analysis
Envelope Optimization
CFD Analysis
Daylighting and Glare Analysis
Integrated Building Design
Load / Thermal Mass Analysis
Incentives / Federal Tax Credits
Renewable Energy System Integration Modeling
Natural Ventilation
Under Floor Air Distribution
Night Flush Ventilation Strategies
Net Zero Energy
Carbon Neutral Design
2030 Challenge
Energy Benchmarking Studies