Knowing "how" is important, but so is knowing "why".  This comes from a combination of experience and exploration, knowledge and judgment.  We build on our foundation of proven performance by continually looking at new possibilities and communicating ideas effectively.  We have been growing this expertise since 1956.

Agriculture in Controlled Environments (AiCE)

Controlled environment agriculture presents several unique engineering design challenges that require an understanding of the nuances of indoor crop cultivation, including plant-environment interactions, agricultural operations, and building codes and regulations.

The AiCE, a division of Guttmann & Blaevoet, is committed to finding the right solution for your operation, whatever crop you’re growing, wherever you are growing it.  We specialize in knowing how to balance the cooling and dehumidification loads to control air temperature and moisture, and we understand the nuances between relative humidity and vapor pressure deficit. 

We focused on sustainability, and we naturally seek out strategies to conserve water and limit grid-source energy use, ultimately reducing your operating costs and accelerating payback.

Whether you are looking for an engineer to design the MEP system for your facility from the ground up; assist with the re-design of an existing space; or simply a consultant to translate your needs and the needs of your plants to other engineers and contractors, AiCE is ready to help!

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