What’s Always on My Mind: How to help people unleash their own potential, how to help them leave the fear of the unknown behind, how to enjoy the power that is in them; because, once they do, nothing is impossible.

Fun Fact: I paint walls in my house different colors when I am tired, need to unleash creative thinking, or need to come up with an answer to a difficult question.

Mantra: It’s up to me.

People don’t know that…I have a fear of heights, always wanted to be taller, and I never thought that I would have a dog in my house, but now I have two.  You never know…
Margarita Gorokhovsky
As the firm’s non-technical principal, Margarita brings over 23 years of experience in AEC firms to her role in overseeing the firm’s operations, strategic planning, financial, HR and project management efforts. Among Margarita’s areas of focus are strengthening the project management and communication skills of our staff, as well as motivating and inspiring individuals to reach their full potential in order to improve our timeliness, responsiveness, and the overall quality of service to our clients. She is passionate about our corporate culture, which embraces creativity, a commitment to exceeding expectations, dedication to personal and professional growth, and service to our clients and our industry. 
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