Knowing "how" is important, but so is knowing "why".  This comes from a combination of experience and exploration, knowledge and judgment.  We build on our foundation of proven performance by continually looking at new possibilities and communicating ideas effectively.  We have been growing this expertise since 1956.

Green Buildings

Advancing sustainable design and construction practices is much broader than simply getting LEED or other green building certifications for buildings.  LEED has changed the landscape of the design and construction industry, and advanced the discussion of sustainability far beyond where it was in 2000 when the first LEED version was released.  However, delivering value to our clients, promoting truly sustainable design solutions, and optimizing actual building performance is a much more than chasing points.  Nevertheless, green building rating systems are a valuable tool for defining the scope of our discussions.

Guttmann & Blaevoet is familiar with the plethora of standards that can be applied to various building types.  Yet, green building rating systems generally focus on doing less harm.  Truly sustainable design improves ecosystem services, builds community, and moves us towards a restorative future by being more than zero.

  • LEED
  • CHPS
  • Green Globes
  • Cal Green
  • Energy Star
  • GGHC
  • Living Building Challenge
  • Passive House
  • 2030 Challenge
  • Green Star (Australia)
  • Estidama (UAE)
  • 3 Star System (China)
  • 3 Star System (China)
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